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You CAN learn Illustrator with the right steps and HELP at your own pace!

Life is busy and there is much to do and so little time.

I get it!

And learning a new skill takes time and effort, right?
And what if everybody says is quite hard to learn!

Is this you?

Then I have some good news for you!
I opened a private FB group that you only can join by subscribing.
So it is a safe place to ask all your questions.

Why should you learn Illustrator?

Learning Illustrator gives you the opportunity to:

  • Make your own personalized Cricut projects
  • Use it to make a business around it
  • Scale your business
  • Make a promotion at work
  • Feel the satisfaction of learning a new skill

How could you learn Illustrator?

Of course, there are several ways to learn Illustrator. If you are an excellent search engine or YouTube ninja, you can do this totally on your own.

To start you can check out my IGTV channel series – ILLUSTRATOR SNIPPETS where I have 20+ Illustrator Snippet episodes ready for you!

You can join my Private FB group where like-minded people like you meet each other by subscribing above and I can answer any question you have there.

But if the computer end/or the internet is daunting for you and you are not sure if you even can learn a program like Illustrator, then hit the button
YES, Make My Dream Come True!
and together we will start your NEW journey!

What do you need to learn Illustrator?

A lot of people think they need pre-knowledge before they can start learning Illustrator.

  • Drawing on paper
  • graphic design skills
  • a drawing tablet

But the only thing you actually need is:

  • a computer or laptop
  • a keyboard
  • a mouse
  • a big bag of enthusiasm ๐Ÿ˜
  • a bit of patience with yourself ๐Ÿ˜‰

"If you realize that Illustrator has itโ€™s own way of working and you really master the basics the learning becomes much easier"

Natascha Kemme


Thank you very much for your patient and clear explanation. You told me exactly what to do and how to apply it. It helped me a lot and the new skills stick. For now and again, success!

Henk van Engelenburg


Last year I was looking for an Illustrator course because I run into difficulties with Illustrator files all the time. Saskia is able to listen really well and she quickly knew where to start. With the basics step by step, a golden move. If you realize that Illustrator has itโ€™s own way of working and you really master the basics the learning becomes much easier. I appreciated the enormous patience and humor Saskia has. She is always willing to answer your questions, which is great when something isn't working out as you think.

Natascha Kemme


There are a lot of things I struggle with. Especially when there has been an update and things changed. Saskia helps me by staying calm when I feel frustrated. She takes her time and with clear guidance, she knows how to get me back on track. You have helped me a lot, thank you so much!

Hedda Lanooy


Make your OWN Christmas SVG cutting file in Illustrator to use with your Cricut


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