Saskia Beeldman

Illustrator | Pattern Designer | Teacher | Believer

I help people to feel better through my Illustrations! 😉

I love to create, inspire, surprise and encourage!
I create illustrations and think it’s awesome that I can move or touch people with my creations.

This past week I had a special project for a special lady. She asked me if I could make a special pattern for her for Christmas. Well of course I did!

While I was working on her design I thought It would be nice to have some cohesive designs and make a collection as a normally do with a design. Because she would use it in a quilt it needed to have (in my opinion) several designs in a small size. I put the collection in my Zazzle and Spoonflower store.

Coco & Izzy are inspired by the two cute bunnies of my youngest daughter. They really are adorable.
In the first weeks they had a few adventures and my daughter and I where telling them to each other.

The idea was born …

Do you know that feeling when you start something new, that makes you really nervous? A lot of children and teens experience anxiety and stress every year when they start school (again) after the summer holiday.

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