Successful Creative Designers -Interview Emma Chong

Interview Emma Chong

I had the privilege to interview Graphic Designer Emma Leah Chong! She is a graduated Graphic Designer from Hong Kong. In this video, we are talking about how she started freelancing after her graduation. What challenges she faced and how she overcomes these challenges.

5 ways to earn money with Illustrator!

In this article, I show you 5 ways to earn money with Illustrator. Of course, there are much more ways, but let’s start easy. When you just start out making your own designs it is better to start making and selling than wait till you can make the perfect designs. You will learn more skills […]

5 Tools you need to get started quickly in Illustrator

If you’re new to Illustrator then you need these 5 tools to get started quickly in Illustrator. When I started out 20+ years ago there was no YouTube. I had to figure it out from books from the library and just try. It took me years to get the hang of it. One of the […]