Key ingredients to get paying clients: Ingredient #2 Clear Communication

In my video about the key ingredients to get paying clients, I talked about 4 ingredients:
Ingredient #1 is Confidence & Self-Worth
Ingredient #2 is CLEAR Communication

In this video, we will talk about what clear communication is and how to make sure your communication is crystal clear.

First: what is clear communication?

Clear communication is made out of several components

  1. Hook (title, image, etc.)
    How to get the attention of your audience
  2. What is your message
    Use words and phrases your audience understands
  3. Call to action (CTA)
    What do you want your audience to do after reading your message?

Let’s break them down

The first component – Hook

The first component is really important because if nobody reads your message there will be no action. That’s why we call it the hook, it’s what hooks the reader to read on.
To stand out in the crowd you need to make sure your message is remarkable

On Social Media you want people to stop scrolling and click your post. You want people to open your email or read your chats. So titles and images are the most important thing when it comes to getting the attention of your audience

Make your titles and images engaging and clickable

You can use the pain, desire, or dream of your ideal client to hook them into your message

The second component – the message

You want to be brief and to the point with your message. Even when you use a story to engage your audience don’t make it longer than necessary.

Use simple words and phrases your audience can understand to give them value

A message that is only talking about how good a product is or is only SENDING a message isn’t always the best way

More and more are people looking for that connection. They like to recognize themselves in your story and want to know how you solved your problem.

So don’t be afraid to use your own experience to tell where you struggled and how you solved it

This could be a product or a service you sell that solved your problem. You can deliver the message in a lot of ways but always be intentional if you want better results.

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What I mean by that is…

The third component – Call to action

Even if you use personal stories to give value to your audience and engage with them, make sure you write with intention. So what is the outcome you expect from this message?

That can be as simple as getting likes or comments but maybe you want them to do something else after reading your message. Don’t be afraid to be very clear about what you expect and tell them what you want.

Don’t ask too many things in one message because it will result in no action at all.

So choose for every post very intentional what you want as an outcome

examples could be:
Indirect sales (make a connection):

Direct (convert to client):

Now you know how clear communication looks like and I want to give you a bonus tip before we wrap this up.

These components don’t only apply to your written messages but also apply to video messages

Video is getting more and more important to make a real connection with your audience and it has the advantage of bringing more than just words.

In a video, people can relate to you on more than one level. Your words but also your body language. It is the closest to a face-to-face meeting you can have online.

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So my tip is…

Try to use some kind of video messages in your communication

Examples of video communication can be:
In person:

Not in person:

There are lots of examples!

I hope these examples help you to choose what works for your business and for you as a person.
Of course, you can combine the examples in this video to make a versatile communication machine for your business. Using video in your communication can help with making your communication more clear and more personal.

In the next weeks, I will make a video about every ingredient in detail.

As soon as the video is up I will link it up here in this video and in the description.
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The KEY ingredients to get paying clients: CLEAR Communication!

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