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Come on Coco

Coco put his books for school on the ground. He’s not in the mood for school! He wants to play and doesn’t want to sit in a dusty class and listen to the teacher all day.

Izzy is a smart bunny boy and likes to learn 🔬. He is trying to explain to Coco that school can be fun 🎉 and if they pay attention at school there will be more time to play after school!

Come on Coco, take your books 📚 and let’s hurry, we don’t want to be late 🛎 !

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About Saskia

I help people to feel better through my Illustrations! 😉

I love to create, inspire, surprise and encourage! I create illustrations and patterns and think it’s awesome that I can move or touch people with my creations.

I get my inspiration from my faith, my feelings and emotions, nature and from the experiences in life.

It is my passion to touch other people with my art and positive attitude to help them (to help others) to feel better, happier and more confident to handle what life is giving us. Good or Bad!

Love Saskia

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