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Procrastinating learning Illustrator?

You procrastinate learning Illustrator, because you are afraid it won't stick

Procrastinating learning Illustrator? I get it! Live is busy and there is much to do and so little time.

And learning a new skill takes time and effort, right?

What if it is something everybody says is quite hard to learn!

Hi, my name is Saskia and I am happily married, have two daughters and own my own business.

So I know live is busy and we only have 24 hours in a day. Time is the only thing we are not able to earn back. If it’s gone it’s gone!

So why are you procrastinating learning Illustrator?

I could name a lot of reasons why, but maybe the first question you should ask yourself is:

Why do I want to learn Illustrator in the first place?

I think if you really want it and you have the right reasons, you can make the time to learn it.

A lot of years I said to everybody that asked for my time, I am busy, I have to check my schedule, but I am not sure if I am available.

Becoming older I learned that I am a busy person and sitting still and doing nothing is not my thing. So no matter when people ask me, I always am busy.

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I learned that being busy is more and more about priorities. Especially when people ask something that is no priority for me. Other factors come in place for the decision if I want to MAKE time!

Eventually everything is about wanting to make time for it. That doesn’t sound really nice, but if you think about it, it is true! Doesn’t make it any easier, though!

So ask yourself the question, why have you been procrastinating learning Illustrator?

There can be so many reasons.

You might find out that you procrastinate because it won’t give anything back.

If it doesn’t bring you anything after taking time to learn, practice and remember, maybe even costing you money. Then you might decide it’s not worth it!

But if it will bring you something in return:

  • Being able to make your own personalized Cricut projects
  • Being able to scale your business
  • It gives you satisfaction
  • Helping people near you
  • Being able to build a business from it
  • Making a promotion at work

Why wait any longer…..?

If you need any help with your journey or your negative believes?

I can help you!

  1. On my Instagram IGTV channel, I made over 20 Illustrator Snippets that you can watch (FREE of course)
  2. Ask your questions and share your progress with like-minded people in the Facebook group I just opened where I want to HELP people like you. I made the group private and I made providing an email-address mandatory to make sure that the group is filled with serious, respectful people that join to learn and to help others.
  3. Several times a year I host a series of masterclasses you can join to get started with Illustrator. I will be guiding you through the LIVE masterclasses in very small groups, I will give you step by step exercises and homework to practice the skills you where taught in the masterclass. There is plenty of room for questions. You will even be able to track your progress in the FB group
  4. If you already have some basic skills or entered my LIVE Masterclasses mentioned above. I have a 3-month program where I will give LIVE masterclasses more in-depth and I will guide you through the process.
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You procrastinate learning Illustrator, because you are afraid it won't stick

About Saskia

I help people to feel better through my Illustrations! 😉

I love to create, inspire, surprise and encourage! I create illustrations and patterns and think it’s awesome that I can move or touch people with my creations.

I get my inspiration from my faith, my feelings and emotions, nature and from the experiences in life.

It is my passion to touch other people with my art and positive attitude to help them (to help others) to feel better, happier and more confident to handle what life is giving us. Good or Bad!

Love Saskia

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