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  • Coco & Izzy arrive at Sparkle’s house

    Coco & Izzy arrive at Sparkle’s house

    At Sparkle’s House! Great, I met some nice new friends and how was yours? We went to the beach and the theater. We had a lot of fun!It was quite hot this summer so we rested a lot in the shades! Come on, let’s go to school 🏫 so we won’t be late 🛎 !

  • Wait I got a message!

    Wait I got a message!

    Coco & Izzy are on their way to school. Izzy stops! Coco wait! I just got a message from Sparkle. She asks if we want to pick her up! O yes, that’s a good idea, says Coco.Then we can walk to school 🏫 together! I hope she is ready to leave so we don’t have […]

  • Come on Coco

    Come on Coco

    Coco put his books for school on the ground. He’s not in the mood for school! He wants to play and doesn’t want to sit in a dusty class and listen to the teacher all day. Izzy is a smart bunny boy and likes to learn 🔬. He is trying to explain to Coco that […]

  • Meet Coco & Izzy

    Meet Coco & Izzy

    The last few weeks I have been working on these characters Coco & Izzy. I never drawn so much. I mostly draw flowers, leaves, branches and that sort of things, but when my daughter got her two bunnies I got inspired by their cute faces and wanted to draw them. How and why Bunnies Coco […]